4 egg whites

600 grams of milk

 200 g of cream

 150 grams of coconut cream cocktail

75 grams of sesame tahini Don.

120 grams of sugar.

For candy

10 grams of toasted sesame seeds Sesame Don.

100 grams of sugar, a few drops of water.


1 Toasted Sesame Seeds Sesame Don, and are ready for use. In a skillet over low heat, place the toasted sesame seeds Sesame Don, you move them evenly. Stir in sugar and drops of water and let a golden caramel is made, it is recommended to use a shovel to move the silicone candy, otherwise, if you use a trowel wooden candy stick in the scoop. Divide the candy into molds or custard cups and set aside.

2. Preheat oven to 165-170º C putting inside a tray with water to cook the custard bath. In a bowl place the egg whites and sugar in a blender and bátelas without riding. Separately, mix the milk, cream, cream of coconut and sesame tahini Don and clear. Blend again until smooth cream.

3. Pour into prepared molds or custard cups, Tapalas with foil. When the oven is hot, place the molds or cups flaneros tray with water ensuring that it covers about ¾. Leave the custards cook for 45-60 minutes until curdled.

4 When the sesame and coconut flan is done, remove the cups from the pan and let cool to room temperature, then keep them in the refrigerator until the time of tasting.

5 Sesame Unmold the flan and coconut grating present it some chocolate around.