We at Latco International endeavor to provide products of the highest quality at competitive prices, with service focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. We focus our effort on organic and natural products while protecting the environment. We work with small farmers to fight poverty with fair prices.


At Latco International we seek to develop long-term partnerships with farmers in Bolivia and customers abroad. We work with our partners to develop a strong supply-chain system from farmers to consumers.


The Company was founded by Ray Ramiro Clavel. He has a Masters Degree in Management, International Business from Florida International University (FIU) and a Masters in Information Resource Management from The George Washington University (GWU). Before establishing Latco International, in his native Bolivia, Mr. Clavel had ten (10) years working experience in USA for the IT industry and four (4) years of experience in Management Consulting at Coopers & Lybrand in Tokyo Japan.


At Latco International, we are aware that the quality and safety of our products are the results and responsibility of all of us. We strive to maintain high quality standards and guide lines that are reflected in our Integrated Policies:

"We are a company dedicated to the production and marketing of organic and natural products of the highest quality; ensuring the safety of our products to satisfy our customers, with continual improvement in our processes and services”.

We are committed to:

• Minimize costs and optimize our company’s growth.
• Increase the area of crop production through development producer programs, guaranteeing our offer.
• Implement new technologies to improve quality and provide greater value added to our products.
• Protect the environment and fight poverty in communities where we participate.
• Comply with legal and regulatory requirements.



In recent years, Latco International had seen the need for its quality systems to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We have obtained international awards and certifications that endorse the effectiveness of such systems. Between these certifications and recognitions we can enunciate:

ISO22000: Recognized worldwide, the safety certificate granted by TUVReinland.
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