Image: La cocina del Sultán



70 grams of toasted sesame seeds

130 grams of sugar,

15 grams of butter (optional, you can flavor the butter with vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, etc).


In a nonstick skillet, heated to a simmer, place the seeds toasted sesame Don Sesame moves quickly and add butter, (remember the butter is optional, sesame has its own oil), then incorporates the sugar and let it be done candy. Use a silicone shovel to move, if you use a trowel wooden candy will stay stuck on.

Pour the caramelized sesame on a sheet of baking paper, leaving a thin seeks smooth and uniform plate. You can also use cookie cutters or molds to the shape before it cools. And if you make a large plate, let cool and then chop the crispy sesame in irregular pieces.

Ideal for mousse served with a compote of fruit, yogurt or whatever you dictate your palate.